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The Insynk Collective is a group of creatives working together on artistic audio and visual productions for music releases, film, TV, advertising and live performance.

We are professionals, driven by a passion for vivid artistic output through intricate technical studio work, giving full attention to detail in every project we work on every day.

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Creative thinking is about having the imagination to conceive new ideas and the courage and resources to launch them into the world. This is what we do every day of the week, whether we are in the studio or outside, the thinking mind never really stops.


We are always seeking to find new ways to expand our horizons from the traditional use of audio & visual content.

We have launched our first Maltese Foley Sample Pack ever to be released on the Island.

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We are keen to collaborate with like minded creatives in all areas of our art - from film to music production, from fashion stylists to makeup artists, in order to create original concepts that can only become reality if we create effective synergies between us.


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