Producers, visual artists and more..

We are The Insynk Collective - a group of dedicated creatives who turn artistic ideas in audio and video into reality.  We are driven by a fiery passion for what we do and give maximum attention to detail in every project we work on every day. We proudly support upcoming talent, specialising in original musical compositions for all genres of TV and film. We are also a hub for visual arts with our in-house artists putting their heart and soul into photo shoots, music video productions, animations and much much more.

The Collective was founded by music producers Claude Spiteri Belcher (Noyark) and Andrew Mizzi who have worked on several projects for different audiences over the years. In 2020, perhaps one of the most controversial years of the 21st century, Claude and Andrew teamed up with two other individuals who are directly involved in visuals, photography and design; Maria Galea and Jacob Saliba. Together we work "in-sync" to push the standards of the audio and visual industry to the level of quality we are proud to consume ourselves and share with everyone.

On any given day we could be in the studio composing and writing music, or recording singers and musicians, or editing tracks; or we could be out filming our next music video or on Zoom catching up with our partners in other studios elsewhere. This is who we are and how we thrive...  



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Co-Founder, Producer

Claude Spiteri Belcher a.k.a. Noyark, is a music producer and art creator. At the age of 8, Claude started composing piano-based music until he discovered his first DAW in a cereal box called ‘eJay’ at the age of 10. From then onwards, he devoted most of his spare time after school perfecting his craft, and now he is putting it into practise with the Insynk Collective.


Co-Founder, Producer

Andrew Mizzi first discovered his musical abilities around age 11, soon after he held his first electric guitar in his arms and started playing melodies like it was his second nature.  He then played bass guitar in the school band at St Edward's College in Malta, and went on to learn the piano formally for several years. In between different sales and clerical jobs, his passion for music flourished even more, when he discovered he could convert his Macbook into a powerful DAW at home. From then on he never looked back and at age 18 he was signed with the prestigious Armada label, to produce three hit tracks. Andrew is currently reading a BA Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree (Bachelor's degree in US) at the international Point Blank Music School.


Jacob Saliba

Visual Artist

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Jacob is a multi-media artist based in Malta. His passion for art started from a very young age and at the age of 16 he began to pursue his talent more seriously. He is a natural creator of things - from paintings and drawings to generative art.

Jacob's work is mainly based upon research and experimentation which has led him to evolve his craft from traditional art to software-based art. The work explores the subjects of immersion, perception, emotion, social environments and music through tactile and immersive expressive work. He aims to create a dialogue between his work and the audience while making sure that his work encompasses an experience of its own.​

Maria Galea

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Visual Artist, Photographer

Design and visual artist Maria Galea works on forming a practice that uses the media of video, photography and design.

Her work often explores human behaviour in their subject's surroundings while creating an aesthetic narrative, juxtaposed with enigmatic elements.