Music Production

Our studio facilities are made for modern, professional music production, covering the recording, mixing and mastering of all types of sound. More than just a production space, we help artists and brands bring ideas to life, by understanding their objectives and owning the project to see it to successful completion with them.

Sound Design

Our "Sounds of Malta" sample pack shows off our in-house capability to capture and reproduce sounds from everyday life. We also love creating exciting new sounds designed from scratch by mixing analog synthesizers and live instruments with software effects to bring a unique depth of sound to any kind of audiovisual production.

Recording & Editing

Whether we're recording vocals for the next hit track, taking voice-overs for an infomercial, or recording singers for a branding jingle, we use the very latest recording techniques with the some of the best equipment to capture sound. Editing and mastering is done in-house to deliver a finished product to the most exacting industry standards,

On Set Recording

We have been entrusted to record interviews, foley sound effects and live instruments in performance. We take pride in capturing  audio moments perfectly, to convey messages more effectively.     



Playing Piano
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Media Manager & Content Creator

After working closely with Andrew & Claude over the past year and half, I’ve seen them grow from strength to strength. With an attention to detail and a passion for success they always do what it takes to take a project to the next level.



I have worked with Insynk on a few occasions nows.

It’s not easy for me to collaborate with people, but when I met the team at Insynk I felt a lot of drive and passion, but also awareness of what quality should be and can be, which for me is extremely important.

I had brought them on for a BBC documentary I was filming and they performed professionally and well, and had hired them for voice recording and music enhancement…all went extremely well.

All I can say is they are an extension of my business, and a big help when I need them to get the job done.

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Claude & Andrew helped strengthen my vision to  begin achieving my goals and find out how I want to portray myself and my art. Where there is hidden talent, their one job is to make them known and raise the standard of work.

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Artistic Director - Zfin Malta

Andrew and Claude's work was exceptional. From the very beginning of the process, they knew exactly where to go and what direction to take. They have been flexible and generous, they followed the task and in turn suggested beautiful solutions. Overall, they had the ability to understand the context for which they were creating the work for, and through that they delivered a beautiful and haunting score.

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Radio Host

Insynk Collective have the creative vision to develop young ideas and artists, nurturing them to reach their ultimate potential. Their productions are up to standard with what is doing well internationally, which is key to success in this competitive industry.