We proudly present the first Maltese Foley sample pack ever to be released on our island! We have collected over 100+ high quality samples from over 20 different locations in Malta and Gozo. These sounds have been embedded in our sonic memory for decades, giving a certain character and identity to our islands. 


This sample pack aims to help any music producers, videographers any creative and digital arts persons to help them get better quality sounds to add to their art.


What’s inside? 


  • Church Bells (Including the bell sounds from St. John’s cathedral)


    • Churchbell St John’s Cathedral 
    • Churchbell Marsascala Parish Church 
    • Churchbell Santa Margherita Sannat Church
    • Churchbell Santa Margherita Sannat Church (Deep Bell)
    • Churchbell St Paul’s Cathedral


  • On the Beaches 
    • Diving sound x4
    • Kids playing in Wied il-Ghasri waters
    • Shallow water bubbling sound
    • Walking on pebbles in Qbajjar Bay
    • Waves at żonqor point


  • Cityscapes (includes crowd noises)
    • Crowd noise in Republic street
    • Crowd noise in Mdina (x2)
    • St George’s Square fountian and crowd noise


  • Food & Drink (including our trademark Pastizzi crunch sound)
    • Cisk Can opening
    • Cisk Can being poured
    • Pastizzi crunch and munch
    • Twistees opening packet
    • Twistees crunch
    • Kinnie bottle opening fizz


  • Miscellaneous (Including the battery salute)
    • Saluting Battery Gunshot
    • Karrozzin in Mdina


  • Fireworks (Including the iconic ‘beraq’ thunder sound)
    • Fireworks from a distance heard from Tarxien x3
    • Fireworks close St Catherine’s Zurrieq (x12)


  • Traffic Noise
    • Car Swoosh 
    • Trailer swoosh
    • Traffic Sounds


  • Thunder, Rain & Wind
    • Rain on the streets
    • Rain on terrace
    • Thunder Clap x3


  • Maltese Market (Monti) 
    • (x9) crowd ambience at the monti Maltese market

ISC Sample Pack - Sounds of Malta Vol.1

  • Each download grants a single-user license. 

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    • File Size - 458.3mb
    • Sample Rate -